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Branches Center

"I AM the Vine, you are the branches." Jn 15:1

The Center will help you, the branches, deepen your connection to the Vine

This multi-use building will provide space for fellowship, hospitality and most importantly... prayer.

Currently, Branches is an outdoor facility, so stormy forecasts create challenges.  The center will provide shelter during inclement weather, which would allow us to stay on site and eliminate relocating or rescheduling our day retreats. Additional benefits are, the prayer space will provide an inspirational setting for prayer, and the meeting space will be used for fellowship.  A much-needed kitchen and an additional restroom will enhance hospitality. Extensive bookshelves for resources and an office with a small gift shop for the sale of Holy reminders will provide faith enriching items.



We are most grateful for Jim Churchill and his team at Churchill Architectual, pc for creating these beautiful architectural designs.  

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