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what to expect FOR DAY RETREATS:

Please refer to each retreat for the day schedule, as each facilitator customizes their presentation.  

Durning your quiet prayer time, you can choose to pray in Branches' Rosary Garden, near the Altar of Divine Mercy, or the Outdoor Stations of the Cross.  You may go for a walk or just rest and absorb the beautiful views of Seneca Lake.

In addition to lunch, drinks will be provided throughout the retreat.

Our Property

Branches is located on 2.3 acres of wooded, private lake front property on Seneca Lake, NY.

Take time to rest and pray.

DeU2RQjVAAAPmFb - Copy.jpeg

Branches' Rosary Garden


Altar of Divine Mercy


Outdoor Stations of the Cross

Holy Family Pavillion


Our view of Seneca Lake.

Our facility is on level ground raised above the lake.  Being located up high offers privacy and stunning lake views.  

We have a steep stone driveway.  Please use All-wheel drive, if you have that option.  If you drive a 2-wheel drive vehicle, it is better to park on the lakeside shoulder of the road and we can provide a ride up in our pick-up truck. If parking roadside, please do not park north of our driveway as this is not our property. Please park south of the orange cones. Branches' driveway is a shared access. Please turn right at the top of the driveway. Do not turn left as that is our neighbors' private property, which we do not enter. Thank you for your cooperation.


Currently Branches is an outdoor facility with full-service bathroom. If rain and wind prohibit the use of our grounds, we will relocate to Mary Mother of Mercy Parish, or engage a rain date.  The decision to relocate or use a rain date is made according to our retreat presenters' availability.  

Please visit “Our Goals” to appreciate our vision for the property.  Although Branches will eventually be wheelchair accessible, currently we are not.  Sorry for the temporary inconvenience.

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