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We don’t think it is a coincident that Branches’ Rosary Garden broke ground during Holy Week.  As Christ brought new life to His body and us, we are bring new life (purpose)  to our land and hopefully to the prayers of the people who use the garden.

Also, we are blessed that our Rosary Garden has begun during this year of the 100 Anniversary of Our Lady of Fatima, 2017.  Truly, Our Lady of Fatima’s message, Pray the Rosary, is alive at Branches.

We are most thankful for our generous benefactors, the St. Vincent de Paul H.O.P.E. Fund, Jimmy Wieand, Tim Pfitzinger, Zach Licak and Justin Reed for making Branches’ Rosary Garden and our Prayerful Walkway a reality.  All for the love of Jesus through Mary.

Click through the photos to see the entire collection and read the descriptions.

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