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Our purpose of living on earth is to share God’s love with others.

This understanding became anchored in my heart after reading

“Pope John Paul II and The New Evangelization”.

~ Donna Wieand, Branches Founder and President

Dear Lord,

I pray that You give me the wisdom to guide me on this faith journey of stewardship.

Help me to understand that everything I have is a gift from you.

Open up my heart and my mind so that I may use these marvelous gifts to give back to You here on earth.

I pray Lord that You welcome me into Your kingdom at the end of my life and that You are pleased with what I have done with all Your gifts.  Amen.

If God is calling you to help support Branches Building Campaign, we would be grateful to hear from you. 

All donations, whether large or small, help us to fulfill our mission, which is to bring people closer to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, through the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the Communion of Saints. 

Thank you and God bless.

Branches is a 501c3 nonprofit religious organization. 

Branches is listed in the JP Kenedy Official Catholic Directory.

The best form of donation is cash or check, as we lose 3.5% to PayPal/credit card processing.  Thank you.

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