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Jayne Badano-Bidwell

Jayne Badano-Bidwell at Branches

We are excited that Jayne has given permission to share her musical talents with us.  Enjoy.

Music & lyrics:  Jayne Badano-Bidwell  (music composed with Mixcraft)

Vocals:  Jayne Badano-Bidwell and Deacon Ward Nolan

May the humble sharing of this prayer/song (knowing full well my vocal and musical inadequacies) in some small way increase your desire to spend time in adoration of our Most Precious Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament and to love Him ever more fervently. 

All glory to God!  ~ Jayne Badano-Bidwell


Lyrics: Jayne Badano-Bidwell

Music:  Deacon Ward Nolan & Greg Badano

Guitar:  Deacon Ward Nolan

Violin:  Eliana Badano

Vocals:  Deacon Ward Nolan & Jayne Badano-Bidwell

I wrote this song last year in gratitude to God for His gift of the priesthood to us.  I finally recorded it with the wonderful collaboration of my friend Deacon Ward, my brother Greg and my niece Eliana (playing the violin).  ~Jayne Badano-Bidwell

Alter Christus_final mixArtist Name
00:00 / 02:13

A HYMN TO ST. JUSTIN Apostle of Vocations

Lyrics: Fr. Shiju Chittattukara, SDV and Jayne Badano-Bidwell

Music: Steve McManus

Vocals: Jayne Badano-Bidwell

Harmony Vocals: Deacon Ward Nolan, Kelby McManus, Julie Garland

Programmed, Mixed, Amp and Mastered: Steve McManus

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