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A Stewardship Insight

Some basic truths are before us, but may take time to discover.  An insightful moment is when a truth is understood.

A stewardship insight is to realize that every good and perfect gift comes from God and belongs to God.  We are stewards of these gifts and we are to use these gifts to give back to Him on earth.

To understand and live this insight is called stewardship.

A Giver’s Need to Give

A truth of stewardship is the need of the giver to give is stronger than the need for the giver to receive.

There is no better example of this than God sacrificing his only Son for our salvation.

In order for people to be fully human, we need to share our time, skills and possessions with others.

In God’s divine plan, we are made this way…to live life God-centered, rather than self-centered.

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Dear Lord

I pray that You give me the wisdom to guide me on this faith journey of stewardship.

Help me to understand that everything I have is a gift from you.

Open up my heart and my mind so that I may use these marvelous gifts to give back to You here on earth.

I pray Lord that You welcome me into Your kingdom at the end of my life and that You are please with what I have done with all Your gifts.


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